The Evolution of the Iconic Givenchy Brand

The Evolution of the Iconic Givenchy Brand

Givenchy is one of the most iconic and beloved fashion houses in the world and has been a leader in luxury fashion for many decades. It is well-known for its high-end, sophisticated designs that are both timeless and modern.  Today, it is renowned for its exquisite clothing designs for women, men and even kids. 

This article will document the evolution of this glamorous brand, exploring how the brand has managed to stay afloat for several decades as well as the launch of its new line of children's clothing, Givenchy for Kids.  

The Founder – Hubert de Givenchy

Givenchy was founded in 1952 by designer Hubert de Givenchy in Paris. Givenchy was personally responsible for dressing his longtime friend Audrey Hepburn. He started by opening the luxurious fashion house which he called the House of Givenchy. 

His first taste of success was when he and Javani Robert Durfy launched the Les Separables Collection which primarily focused on raw cotton puffy blouses as well as floaty skirts. 

This design gained vital recognition when Vogue Magazine featured it in one of its publications. Later on, The New York Times also featured it, hence, increasing its popularity worldwide, especially in North America.

Another memorable milestone the brand made soon after its inception was with the iconic little black dress that Audrey Hepburn wore at Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Both of the outfits during this particular event – the large-brimmed hat and the little black dress that Tiffany wore were all designed by Givenchy.

Initially, the brand began by exclusively focusing on elegant clothing collections for women, but over the years it ventured into the men’s line, Givenchy Men, which was launched in 1969 and has become popular all over the world. The brand now also covers kid’s clothing, and it is one of the best brands to consider if you are looking for nice attires for your little ones: Givenchy Kids.

Sold to LVMH

In 1988, the brand was acquired by luxury giant LVMH at a price tag of $45 million. As part of the deal for the acquisition, Givenchy remained as its creative director until his retirement in 1995. In the years that followed, Givenchy turned out to be a potent proving ground for some of the world’s top design talents. For designers such as Julien Macdonald, John Galliano, and Alexander McQueen, this was the platform that gave them the opportunity to realize their designs and become recognized around the world.

The Era of Riccardo Tisci

In 2005, the brand picked Italian designer Riccardo Tisci to be its lead artistic director. This choice, however, was viewed by many within the design industry as a relatively unique pick. The reason for this was that Riccardo was a bit darker in his designs, yet the brand had already established a reputation for fairly bright and attractive designs.

Riccardo was to head this docket for twelve years, during which his work became a red-carpet staple. He had the privilege to create iconic moments for celebrities such as Mitchelle Obama, Madonna, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé, among others. 

These works of his did not only increase the popularity of the brand but also led to incredible success on the revenue side of things. With the help of Riccardo's designs, the brand’s value skyrocketed by nearly half a billion dollars.

Clare Waight Keller Era

In 2018, Riccardo Tisci moved to Burberry and his position was taken over by designer Claire Waight Keller. She will be remembered as the first woman to ever hold this docket in the entire history of the brand. 

It is a considerable accomplishment for her and the brand that she was the one that designed the wedding dress worn by Meghan Markle when she got married to Prince Harry. Meghan’s dress was a stark white, long-sleeve gown that had a characteristic boat neckline. 

The design for this wedding dress became an instant hit. In the following months, many brides across the globe were seen sporting a wedding dress similar in style to Meghan’s.

Matthew Williams

In 2020, Waight Keller left her role as the Creative Director at Givenchy. In her place, Matthew Williams was appointed to take over as the Artistic Director of the legendary Maison. Williams' reign at the helm has been brief so far, but he has managed to achieve incredible success during this short time. 

Williams has brought an edgy aesthetic to Givenchy, as well as some of the femininity that the brand was well-known for in the past. Some of his designs have been described as being more sexy and svelte, or simply feminine and incredibly sophisticated.

A Favorite for the Hip Hop World and Sports World

Givenchy not only appeals to the general population but also it is a darling of both the hip hop and sports world. Furthermore, Givenchy for kids tends to the fashion needs of little ones. 

From Kanye West to Usher, Jay Z, Rihanna, and many others, the hip-hop world seems to have a very soft spot for this brand. But this enviable love affair is not only limited to hip hop. The sports world is also at it as demonstrated by athletes such as LeBron James.

Givenchy for Kids

In recent years, Givenchy has expanded their product line to include clothing for kids, making it easier for children to dress stylishly. From t-shirts featuring classic logo designs to tailored suits and dresses, this collection of fashionable clothes for kids offers something for everyone.

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